Adult Martial Arts

About our Program

One of the mainstays of the adult self-defense programs we teach at Running Tiger Academy is Shaolin Kenpo Karate. This type of karate focuses on defense against multiple attackers. Considered a striking art, students will learn functional methods of self-defense that will allow them to quickly defend against one or more attackers, and various types of attacks.

Advantages of this type of martial arts training:

  • Adapts well to all ages and abilities.
  • Students range from 10-70+.
  • No need to be extremely fast, flexible, or in top physical condition to succeed.
  • Adaptable to physical limitations and injuries.

One of the many things we take pride in with our program is the individual focus. Knowing that people are not all the same, we work with our students within their own abilities and limitations so that our martial arts training adapts to you and what you’re capable of accomplishing. Our goal is to help each student achieve their own personal best.


There are many benefits to participating in this martial arts program:

  • Safety and Well-Being – As you develop self-defense skills, you will increase your situational awareness and ability to defend yourself or others against unavoidable attacks. As a result, you will not only be more likely to avoid unwanted confrontations, but also have a better chance to survive a physical assault.
  • Fitness/Weight Loss – Often times people start some type of exercise routine, get bored quickly, and end up quitting altogether. The great thing about our classes is that we mix things up and try to have fun. As a result, you end up burning calories, increasing your level of fitness, all while having fun and learning self-defense.
  • Self-Confidence – As a result of improving your level of fitness and developing self-defense skills you will naturally gain confidence in yourself. You will likely find this self-confidence spill over into all aspects of your life.
  • Stress Relief – Physical activity such as what is practiced in our classes is known to increase the production of the brain’s feel good neurotransmitters called endorphins. This leads to improving your mood, and feeling calmer and happier. Also, physical activity such as this can help reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety and mild depression.
  • Sense of Community – Many of our members have formed close friendships. We like to consider our staff and students as part of a big family where we nurture and care for each other.